Trap (DTL) clay pigeon shooting at Crowland Gun Club


Trap, or Down The Line (DTL) as it is commonly known, is another clay pigeon shooting discipline we offer at Crowland Gun Club – a discipline that really tests the clay shooter’s reflexes as well as accuracy.

As you can see from the photo, our Trap layout offers a clean background with the sun always behind meaning no matter what the conditions, you are guaranteed to be given good, clear targets on any given shoot day.

We also have acoustic trap releases that too, so even if there isn’t a full squad available to fill a card, you can pop over and have a practice round without the need of a trapper.

Down The Line layoutSHOOTING TRAP (DTL)

A full round of Trap, or Down The Line, requires at least 25 cartridges with five clays shot at from each of the five stands. Shooters are allowed to use a second shot at the clay if it is missed with the first shot.

The clays are all thrown from the centre of the trap house in a direction away from the shooters. The electronic trap continually oscillates from side to side and is set up to launch the clays anywhere within a 44 degree arc. Once you call Pull, the clay will fly anywhere within that 44 degree arc, rising quickly to eventually land between 50-55 yards away.

Trap shooting will really test your reflexes to the limit as you have to shoot the clay quickly, but at the same time react instantly to the direction the clay is flying.

Before the round commences shooters are allocated a stand (1 to 5). The shooter on stand one starts first, calls for a clay and tries to hit it. Then it’s the turn of shooter on stand 2. Then the person on stand 3, and so on.

When every shooter has shot at five clays it’s time to remove all cartridges from the guns and move to the next stand in the sequence. The shooter who was stood on stand 5 moves to stand 1. When everyone is in place, shooting may commence in turn once more.

It’s a terrific test of a shooters ability and is available to anyone who wishes to give it a try here at Crowland Gun Club.  You’ll find all the information you need at our Contact Crowland Gun Club page.