Sporting clay pigeons at Crowland Gun Club


Sporting clay pigeons comprise all manner of different targets which fly, or roll, in an endless array of positions. Sporting clays were originally designed to imitate the flight path of birds, or even rabbits. To this end there are traditional types of Sporting targets: There’s the springing teal, where the trap throws the clay almost vertically. There’s driven targets that imitate flushed pheasants that are flying high towards the shooter. There are crossers which, as the name suggests, fly from left to right and vice versa, sometimes extremely low, sometimes very high. There are very high birds thrown from towers, clays that arc through the air, and even clays that are fired to roll across the ground to simulate a bolting rabbit.

On some stands you may have a pair of clays released together, you may have one clay released when you call ‘Pull’ then the second released as you fire your first shot (on report), or you could have one clay but allowed two shots at it (full use of gun).

A round of sporting really does put the shooter to the test as no sporting layout is ever the same here at Crowland Gun Club as they are set up on the morning of each shoot, providing the shooter with an endless array of challenging shots.

As with most small shooting clubs, space is at a premium so we only have room for a handful of stands, but as they are set up by an experienced team having decades of shooting knowledge between them, you know they will all be testing targets.



We do run competitions for club members, the details of which can be found on our Fixtures page. During these shoots we will utilise the Skeet and Trap areas, positioning shooters from different stands to provide alternative targets to the norm, plus set up many more stands in our Sporting area to ultimately create 50-bird competitions.

We hold Winter Series and Summer Series competitions that are held over a number of shoots, plus individual competitions taking place during one day. There’s not only the pride of winning one of the many competitions – we also have prizes at stake too.

If you fancy joining in the fun here at Crowland Gun Club, you’ll find all the information you need at our Contact Crowland Gun Club page.