Crowland Gun Club rules and regulations

At Crowland Gun Club we have a strict code of conduct that all shooters must adhere to – it is there for your safety and the safety of others. Plus we have a short list of other rules too, to help the smooth running of the club…

  1. Never point a gun, loaded or not, at anyone.
  2. All guns should be broken unless it is the shooter’s turn to shoot. All semi-automatic guns should be carried with the barrel pointing safely (either skywards or towards the ground).
  3. If the whistle blows, shooting ceases immediately.
  4. Do not insert cartridges in to your gun unless it is your turn to shoot.
  5. If farmers are working their adjacent fields or dog walkers pass by, shooting must halt until it is safe to do so.
  6. In the event of a cartridge misfiring on not firing, it must be left in the barrel, pointing down range until it is safe to be removed from the gun and discarded safely.
  7. Do not walk in front of any traps at any time.
  8. When loading traps, make sure it is switched off and uncocked first.

Additional rules

  1. All unbroken clays and spent cartridges must be collected at the end of each shoot.
  2. Cigarette ends and litter must be placed in the bins provided.
  3. Cartridges must have a maximum load of 28g and maximum shot size 6.
  4. Either fibre or plastic wads may be used.
  5. Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times.